Deeper knowledge &
experience. Wider reach.
Superior tools. World-Class Network for exceptional results.

Moving up to the cloud isn’t a catchphrase, it’s a
tactical business decision. Due diligence means
you thoroughly vet providers to meet your high
standards. Why? Because you’re fully aware that
communication is the lifeline of your business.
You won’t be leaving anything to chance here.


8 Global Data Centres

Online always and everywhere

Partnership with RIBBON and CISCO

99.999% Uptime Guarantee

Carrier-Grade Technology

Trusted by over 700 service providers
/ 298+ Million IP licenses /
80+ countries

Confirmed Track Record

  • Over 25 years of experience, building North American voice service networks
  • Proven experience and industry knowledge in provisioning and supporting large scale implementations

Winning Attitude

JUXTO is a LEADING certified provider of
RIBBON’s Kandy platform – Shortlisted in
“Best Platform as a Service or Cloud
Middleware” Category by Cloud Awards
Program. Our team has deployed over 50,000
endpoints in a wide range of industries. No
challenge is too big – or too small.

More Advantages

Microsoft certified with Teams integration
Flexible financial structures for
Advanced, robust security & full compliance
Best in-class warranty
Built in maintenance & disaster prevention
24/7/365 support
Lower overall spend and increased ROI
Partnership with Cisco
Lowest industry contract commitments,
and DaaS program

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