Online All The Time,
Everywhere Dedicated Voice Line & Private Internet –
World Class Network Support

JUXTO uses carrier-grade infrastructure,
housed in geographically redundant, secure,
top-tier data centers across the globe. Whether
you are on your mobile device, traveling to a
trade show or working from home, staying
connected has never been easier. As long as you
have an internet connection, voice, video and
messaging will be a click away.

Smart Design - It’s all yours

Business continuity through redundancy
ensures you stay connected 24x7x365.
All of our clients are configured to
eliminate any down time!

Dedicated Voice Connections

Private Voice Connections and Private Internet let
voice transfer occur across the highest caliber
and most secure network. By controlling traffic,
we control quality.

Security & Quality Point-to-Point

Highest Quality

No more echo, delay or breakup
- just clear voice and video.

Tight Security

No holes here. Top level restriction,
encryption and data minimization.

24/7 Monitoring

Do business instead of getting bogged
down watching over things.

Global Network

JUXTO combines with RIBBON's global data centers giving you the most reliable
communications network in the world. Even better, you can dial in from any
smartphone, desktop or tablet.

JUXTO partners with RIBBON and CISCO

JUXTO’s partnership with global communications leader RIBBON and CISCO means
your business is serviced by software and hardware trusted by over 700 Service
Providers across the globe. Carrier-grade RIBBON technology powers 298 million IP
licenses in over 80 countries. RIBBON Application Servers, Microsoft Certified Session Border Controllers, Voice Messaging are all deployed and managed by the same world class team. 50% of today’s traffic touches RIBBON’s hardware - why trust anyone else?

Robust, Intelligent Geo-
Redundant Design protects

  • Natural disasters
  • Power outages
  • Utility or hardware failures
  • Internet outages

Business Continuity

10 steps in developing a disaster recovery and prevention plan

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