When you prioritize customer satisfaction, every call counts.
Take control and delight your customers

Enter a world where you see each customer call, how long clients wait in a
queue and how many calls are abandoned. The more insight you have into
your business, the more you can optimize results. Adjust staff according to
volume and understand the performance of each agent in your organization.

Manage and improve your customer
experience with a dynamic Cloud-
Based Call Center solution:

  • Receive and route calls anywhere in
    the world
  • Engage with customers via voice,
    video or instant message
  • Trim costs, maximize resources and
    boost revenue with real-time

Automatic Call Distribution

ACD routes calls according to your organizational needs. Assign distinct
distribution rules to each queue depending on specific requirements. You can even
add customized music-on-hold for targeted messaging.

Linear Call Distribution

Agents are visited in order, always starting with the same agent.

Circular/Rotary Call Distribution

Agents are visited in order, starting where the last hunt ended.

Uniform Call Distribution

Calls are distributed uniformly to the agents, starting with the agent who is the idlest.

Simultaneous Call Distribution

Calls are presented to all idle agents simultaneously.

Skill-Based Routing

Calls are routed to the most qualified agents in the queue regardless of call volumes or calls served.

Supervisor Console

Enable supervisors to live-listen to calls, log agents in and out of queues, and make on-the-fly decisions to optimize sales operations. Supervisors receive alerts when waiting times or calls-on hold exceed set thresholds.


Access reports in real-time or get daily updates about call center queues, individual agents, quantity of calls served and call duration times. KPI’s such as number of abandoned calls and call volume per hour help fine-tune business drivers like staffing and scheduling.


A real-time visual display indicating number of active agents,
pending calls, waiting time and average conversation time.
Quickly evaluate KPI’s for improved call center performance.

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