Open API's and SDK's are the future.
Communication is the future.

JUXTO in partnership with GENBAND and Kandy, bring
communication tools to you:

Happier, smarter, faster and
more innovative than ever

  • Unify all communications (message, voice
    & video)
  • Improve existing systems
  • Connect applications, databases and devices
  • Create more business opportunity
  • Integrations with Skype, Google, Salesforce,
    IBM and multiple CRM’s and ERP

Enhance Your Value

Already have a system in place? No worries, you can improve it. This
saves you from the big spend of “rip and replace”. Enhance existing
platforms to create a more effective chat, voice and video
ecosystem. Skype, Google, Salesforce, IBM, multiple CRMs and ERPs
– we can integrate upon any of them.

We Listen To You

Your systems should fit your company
precisely. JUXTO listens closely to where
you are and what you need. See how
powerful message, voice and video
unification can be. Bring It Together and
meet your business vision. Install and integrate the right APIs to
make data useful and create opportunity.

A Ten Minute Guide
to Teleworking

Tips for Working Successfully from Home or the Road” on

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