Enhanced Customer
Support Services
Make it easier than ever to get close to you…
at a fraction of the cost.

With just a tap or click, customers enter into a
fully interactive live conversation. Chat, voice,
video, webpages, images – it’s anything they
want. Immerse them in your brand experience.
Plus, you can easily deploy it yourself.

Visual Attendant

Forget the boring list of phone
options. Instead let clients see,
tap and call directly from their
smartphone or web browser.
Send them to the right person
the first time.

Live Support

Move dynamically between chat, call,
video, webpage or screenshare with
ease. Make content rich live
connections from any device. Establish
relationships like never before.

It’s never been so easy

Let users and clients quickly access
your company to exchange
information and process transactions.
It happens across all devices, and it’s
supported by a robust, flexible and
reliable platform.

JUXTO partners with KANDY to
bring you the most versatile,
value-packed service. See how it works.

  • Rich messaging chat
  • Move from chat to voice to video
  • Screen sharing
  • Looks great on any device
  • Ideal for small, medium and large companies

JUXTO partners with KANDY to bring you the most
versatile, value-packed service. See how it works.

Concierge Service

Turn Visits into Sales and Make Customers Return with a VIP Level Customer Engagement
Today's consumers under the age of 34 are using their smartphones in stores to compare prices, read product reviews, check social media references and ultimately decide if they want to buy the product there or online. 72% of millennials recognize that they research and shop their options online before going to a store or the mall and when they need help, they choose to use the telephone only 12% of the time and give priority to live interaction online. Retailers need to have a multichannel and multimedia strategy to attract them to their products but businesses already know that just placing their product inventory on a web store is not good enough to compete with the leading online retailers of today. Millennials are increasingly looking for exclusive “just-for-me” products and user experiences, because they are used to getting them. With Kandy Concierge your business can offer exclusive VIP shopping experiences from your e-commerce site and a VIP customer service from your own web.

Live Support

By activating Live Support, users can select from an intuitive menu tree to contact the right sales or support agent at the first attempt and interact with them using text chat, voice or video. The Live support window shows them their position in the queue and once the session is established both users and agents can even share images or videos or use screen sharing for a faster resolution of questions and issues.

Truck Roll

Greatly reduce costs and improve productivity by deploying Kandy Truck Roll technology. Your customer support team can connect with clients and provide live video support for any technical needs. Clients benefit from immediate response and your technical team realizes increased productivity by saving commuting time and the costs of maintaining vehicles (fuel, insurance, maintenance etc).

Visual Attendant

Consumers under the age of 34, when given multiple options to reach a contact center, choose the telephone only 12% of the time. Visual Attendant’s context sensitive menus allow end users point ‘n click options to select the right group or department directly from your website – without the rambling menu prompts. Since more than 2/3rds of all contact center calls are already preceded by a website visit why take a chance that your prospect never calls?

A Ten Minute Guide
to Teleworking

How Organizations can Work Successfully from Home
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