Log Capture


The Mobile client has built in logging capabilities. For any issues related to the Mobile client, the customer must use the log capturing capabilities of the client, and provide the log number that is generated in the support case opened against the issue.

On the Mobile client, go to “Settings” -> Advanced. Click the “Send Log” button.

User will be prompted with the message “Having a technical issue and want to send a diagnostic log to the support team? Follow up with the team will be required.” Select “Yes”

User will be prompted with the message “The log has been sent. Ref# XXXXXXXXX. Please capture the reference number as it will be required when submitting a case to the support team.”

Include reference number in the Support case opened to report the issue.


To capture client logs from the PC/MAC client, click on help -> capture logs for support. This will generate a zip file titled “PCClient_logs_Default_MM-DD-YY_HHMMSS.zip” where MM-DD-YY is the date the logs were captured and HHMMSS is the time the logs were captured.

The file will be in the C:\Users\\Personal Communicator Profiles\PCC_Support_logs folder on the user’s PC. The folder should automatically open once the logs are captured.

Please provide this zip file with the Support case opened or if it is too large to attach make a note in the case and the engineer assigned the case will provide a method to retrieve the zip file.


For non-call related issues such as registration, presence, message waiting indicator (MWI), instant messages, etc., please use the line trace tool available in the Nuvia Portal to collect the logs. Instead of entering the dialed number, enter the user’s user ID (without domain). Then follow the same steps as for call processing issues. Please provide the file name with the case.


For any call related issue that is reproducible, it is critical to capture the logs using the debug line trace available in the Nuvia Portal. This log capture includes debug level logs that design support uses to determine the root cause of the issue.

In the portal, select “Account” -> “Support”. If Line Trace tool is not already select, click the Select Tool button under Actions, and select Line Trace.

Enter the number the user is dialing in the Dialed Number field. This needs to match exactly what the user is dialing to capture the appropriate call

Select “Start”
Have the user reproduce the issue
“Select “Stop”
Include the “Trace Filename” in the Support Case along with a description of the issue (follow template).


The Contact Center logs are sent in a zip file via FTP to the Contact Center Application server when utilizing the built-in trouble reporting system. Once the entry is completed, you have the option of a follow up e-mail or calling support regarding the incident. When you generate a trouble report, provide a detailed description so support can efficiently resolve the issue reported.

Visual settings and support contact information are customizable. For Client Branding and Customization instructions, please refer to the Software Installation Guide (630-02597-01) Nuvia Cloud Contact Center Client Software Installation Guide.

For issues related to the Contact Center ACD Agent application, ensure you are logged in. Go to “Help” –> “Send trouble report.”

For issues related to the Contact Center Softphone application, ensure you are logged in. On the top right of the application, click the wrench icon, and click “Send Trouble Report.”

A Trouble Report window will appear. On Step 1, ensure the Name, E-mail address contact, and phone number are correct.

Step 2, click the radio button that applies to the incident you are reporting – “This issue occurred within the last 30 minutes” or “This issue did NOT occur within the last 30 minutes.”

On Step 3, enter a detailed description of the incident. There’s 20-character minimum for this field to submit a report. If you are working with a support engineer, include any information requested in the incident report.

On Step 4, choose your preferred method of contact – If the “Send E-mail” follow up option is selected, the report will be auto populated in your e-mail program. Click send to submit your trouble report.

If the “I Will Call” follow up option is selected, a support number will appear.