When investigating registration issues, check the following items:

Spelling of both user ID and domain, and client requirements for entering user ID and domain. Some clients have User ID and Domain in separate fields, others require full SIP URI be entered (userid@domain).

Password (verify both username and password by having the user log into the End User Portal. Reset password from the Nuvia portal if the user does not know it.).

Is the device type configured as a PMC (Provider Managed Client) device for their subdomain? If so, verify a Device Password was set during Individual Subscriber provisioning in the Nuvia Portal. Verify the password used on the device is the Device (PMC) password.

Does the device have an IP assigned and network activity?

Is the issue device specific (can the user login with their account credentials through another type of client, i.e. Soft Client or Mobile Client)?

Test login yourself with users account and password if user is willing to provide password.

If it is Mobile client related, was the MEP profile set when the user was provisioned in the Nuvia portal?

Call Processing Issues

Before opening a ticket to report an issue associated with call processing, verify a few things with the user and provisioning:

Users call permissions (class of service) allows them to make this call as defined for the user in the Nuvia portal.

Translations exist for the number being called (verify using translations tool in the Nuvia Portal).

User’s device is registered and can make/receive other calls. Query device registration in the Nuvia Portal.

If this is a PSTN call, is it affecting everyone or just this user?

Does the call work from a different client for this user?