Since 2001, the JUXTO team has led the cloud communication revolution. Providing top quality voice networks across North America – that’s our heritage, and it continues to this day.

Additionally, we have partnered with Ribbon, the world’s largest VOIP provider, enabling us to deliver true carrier-grade infrastructure that connects businesses across the globe.

Partnerships with
the Best-In-Industry

JUXTO has designed a geo-redundant voice solution that spans
North America with worldwide reach. Our partners help make you great.

Worry-Free Warranty

Traditional agreements typically offer a repair or replacement warranty. In comparison, we give an advance replacement guarantee for all deployed hardware. Plus, you can convert a 12-month standard warranty into a service-long, life-time warranty. Eliminate the unpleasant task of purchasing replacement items, ever again.

Customized Solutions
for Unique Clients

Our clients range from the entrepreneur seeking a professional phone system to multi-site organizations with over 1,500 deployed phones. From customized sales offices with on-the road workers to high-volume contact centers, JUXTO can design a solution for you.

Financially Sound and
Cross-Border Availability

JUXTO enjoys dual Canadian and American operations. With cross-border services enabled, multi-national organizations can leverage our solutions. JUXTO is backed by industry leader RIBBON, a majority-owned subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase.

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