Improved Availability, Expense Metrics and Campus-Wide Collaboration!

JUXTO and GENBAND have partnered with public and private schools, colleges and universities to enable customized Unified Communication (UC) solutions to fit the needs of students and faculty alike.

JUXTO provides a UC platform for educational institutions to reliably connect across multiple campuses, partnered schools or administrative offices. Sharing resources from various locations, or centralizing call answering services can reduce costs and increase live-answer availability.

Creating an environment where students can stay connected with staff and faculty, or collaborate on projects – regardless of location, is just one of the ways that Smart Office and JUXTO’s UC platform can be leveraged.

Cost Savings through Informed Decision-Making

Traditional Costs Savings inherent in JUXTO’s UC solution includes: the elimination of ongoing maintenance programs, the reduction of spend by consolidating usage from multiple campuses and locations, sharing resources from multiple campuses and reducing long-distance and toll-free expenses.

Information-Driven Savings is another creative solution that JUXTO offers educational institutions. Through creative design, JUXTO can provide decision-makers and marketing professionals with real-time information that monitors the performance of different marketing programs set to attract students. Stop spending marketing dollars on campaigns that are simply not performing and focus on what actually works!

Creative Financing and Easy Growth can significantly impact the bottom-line for educational institutions and JUXTO can manage a solution that fits within all budgets. With JUXTO’s DaaS program, organizations can upgrade and move towards a UC infrastructure with no up-front capital expenses. Additionally, expanding services, opening campuses or adding users has never been easier or more affordable.

Campus Collaboration

Improving collaboration not only saves time, but reduces costs and increases availability. Students can now connect with one another in online meetings with point-to-point screen and video sharing tool Smart Office. Students can also connect with faculty to exchange information on assignments or present material without the costly commute.

Smart Office can also be utilized to facilitate remote or long-distance learning, giving students access to classes from anywhere, with any device. Recruitment officers can also connect with international students, helping improve student engagement, while avoiding costly long-distance international calling.