Kandy-powered Skywriter MD gives physicians ability to increase focus on patient care by having access to real-time virtual Electronic Health Record assistance services via voice, video, messaging and screen sharing


San Francisco, CA, September 16, 2015 – GENBAND, a leading developer of real time communications software solutions and 2015 CNBC Disruptor 50, today announced that Skywriter MD, which provides real-time, virtual scribe services, has selected its Kandy™ communications platform to help physicians across the country improve the patient care experience. Kandy, which launched in September 2014, is powering Skywriter MD’s revolutionary technology by providing physicians with real time, virtual Electronic Health Record (EHR) assistance services with the ability to see and select an available Skywriter (virtual scribe), on-screen and voice collaboration, client side voice recording and replay, and rich messaging. Skywriter MD is a proprietary, cloud-based software platform that provides access to EHRs without the need for expensive, resource intensive interfaces.

Through Skywriter MD’s intuitive onscreen multimedia collaboration services, dedicated teams of centralized, virtual scribes assist multiple physicians across the country with their EHR navigation and documentation needs. These collaboration services are powered by Kandy’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which allow the Skywriters to virtually be at the physician’s side, gathering information for review, documenting the physician’s assessment and plan, enabling verbal clarification, supporting question and answer, and the ability to receive confirmation of completed activities. Physicians can securely screen-share EHRs and speak with certified remote healthcare Skywriters that enter patients’ medical information, including diagnostics and prescriptions.

“Giving physicians the ability to focus on patient care without having to worry about required medical record documentation is a real breakthrough in the healthcare industry,” said Tracy Rue, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Skywriter MD. “Kandy offers us a powerful, real time communications solution that allows us to improve the quality of EHR documentation in a non-invasive or obstructive manner, while dramatically increasing the accuracy and safety of documentation and prescriptions.”

“Skywriter MD is transforming the role of traditional medical scribes by delivering real time virtual connectivity in a mode that best fits the physician’s needs,” said Paul Pluschkell, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Cloud Services for GENBAND and Kandy Co-Founder. “Kandy provides Skywriter MD the ability to securely embed flexible API-based real time communications capabilities directly into their innovative technology based on leading industry standards, while giving physicians significantly more time for personalized patient interaction.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Skywriter MD has selected GENBAND’s Kandy communications platform to provide real time communications capabilities for its innovative virtual medical scribe technology.
  • Kandy provides Skywriter MD the ability to offer physicians real time access to virtual scribe services via on-screen and voice collaboration, client side voice recording and replay, and rich messaging.
  • Kandy is GENBAND’s market-leading cloud communications platform that allows anyone to embed contextual real time communications capabilities directly into business applications in minutes.

About Skywriter MD

Skywriter MD is a real-time, true, virtual medical scribe service provider dedicated to helping physicians increase the amount of time they may spend with patients while decreasing their heavy documentation burden. Enhanced provider efficiency fosters greater patient throughput while improving the care experience. A revolutionary approach to scribe services removes their invasive and obstructive presence from the room, while delivering exceptional service and a strong return on investment, and improving the quality of documentation. For more information, visit www.skywritermd.com.