Retail organizations can streamline communication needs through JUXTO hosted voice services.

Retail operations struggle with inefficient voice deployments and difficult to support infrastructure. Retailers with several locations are forced not only to purchase services from their local telecom provider, eliminating their purchasing power, but also having to find local technicians in each market to service and support their premise-based PBX. The transition to JUXTO solves both of those costly issues.

Informed Decisions

For many retailers, understanding volume can drive staffing and profitability. Being able to analyze call volume can help predict in-store sales or the success of marketing campaigns. Call detail reports (CDR) can provide information on a micro or macro level. Viewing the impact of marketing campaigns can tell marketing managers which campaigns are most successful and where to focus these campaigns geographically!

Single provider, Improved service.

JUXTO can provide support to every location, eliminating the costly and timely process of finding local support teams for each retail site. Additionally, through consolidating services through JUXTO, retailers benefit from having consistent deployments and the ability to network their solution to provide centralized services and overflow support during high call volume times. Organizations can centralize appointment services, customer service and support calls, reducing the impact of call volumes in each individual retail site.